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“There is a time for everything,

and a season for every activity under heaven…”

Ecclesiastes 3:1

Direction. Ever wonder which way to go? Which path to seek? What you want to be? That’s how I felt upon my high school graduation. Most of my classmates had set out for college, but it wasn’t the way for me. I lacked the funds, the motivation and had fallen for a man who had decided to join the army. That started my thoughts that maybe the army wasn’t such a bad direction for me to go also.
I met with recruiters first to see what they had to offer. When I shared my new found interest with family and friends, no support was to be found.  No one thought I could do it.  I was not one who enjoyed being told what I could and could not do, so I grew frustrated, yet I continued on with my plans.
I went through necessary testing to find where my skills lay and decided upon military intelligence. In less than two months, I found myself in basic training, herded with others like cattle through different assembly lines, picking up necessary gear and receiving shots for who knows what. With a duffel bag full of heavy equipment and blood trickling down my arms from the vaccines, I became demoralized by shouting drill sergeants who had no regard for personal space. I was assigned a bunk and a 4×8 foot locker to mark the start of our six weeks of basic training.

Even in the most terrifying of circumstances, God can and will hold our hand.  It is often comforting to recognize there really is a time for everything under heaven.  Peace can be found in His presence.  Wisdom can be found in His Word.  Hope for a better tomorrow is available through His promises.  

What circumstances have thrown you off center this week?  Take a moment right now and ask God to hold your hand through those hard times and take comfort in knowing you aren’t alone!

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