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Did you ever re-gift a gift? I have and there have been times when I felt a little guilt for doing so.  But God’s gift of mercy is to be re-gifted without guilt.  We have been shown mercy so we can be merciful to others.  Taking God’s gift of mercy into our homes, or offices, our schools can look differently for each of us. take some time to brainstorm ways you can share God’s gift of mercy, new every morning, with those around you.

This week we have looked at God’s gift of mercy so freely and abundantly given.  Accepting God’s forgiveness of the past means getting a new start at creating the best me I can be today and passing the Good News along to others. 

“Praise be to the…Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.”  2 Corinthians 1:3,4

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It is easier for me to say we should accept forgiveness than to do so.  Accept means to “receive with a consenting mind”, to “admit and agree to.” Accepting God’s forgiveness and mercy means I have to admit that He has forgiven me and agree with that forgiveness.  I don’t have the natural willingness to do that because it is easier to believe bad about myself.  But, if I agree that God’s Word is truth, I make Him a liar if I refuse to admit that I have been forgiven and agree to accept it. 

Like King David in Psalms 51, despite my past, my mistakes, my guilt and shame, I can seek the Lord God with all of my heart and He will wash me clean and restore my joy and give me a fresh start. 

Mercy is a freely given gift.  Yet, sometimes a gift can be hard to pick up, but the gift does not become our own until we actually agree to receive it—until we take ownership. 

Oh, Lord, help me in my unbelief.  I want this free gift.  I need this free gift.  Restore to me your joy so I am able to start anew today with those I love.  Amen.

Additional Study:  Micah 7:18, Luke 18:13, Gal 6:16, Jude 1:2,  

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I took a shower this morning—not a bath.  I like that sudsy water from my shower disappears down the drain never to be seen again, so why do I remind myself of those sins I committed yesterday or last week or last year, rather than recognizing that God washed those away and they are gone for good?  In other words, it is as though I plug the drain and bath in the same polluted water every day, leaving the yuck swirling around me rather than letting God wash it off for good. 

This isn’t about deserving forgiveness—because I can never “do” enough to deserve grace and mercy.  It is about accepting that God has painfully paid the price with the death of His Son, Jesus Christ, on the cross and I only have to accept it to be free of the guilt and shame. 

So, why do I fight accepting the freedom offered?  Because we think we have to be “good” enough or “deserve” God’s grace.  That is like saying you have to be clean to take a bath!  No, the dirt (sin), stains (guilt and shame), only evidence all the more reasons why we need Jesus. 

The sense of freshness after a great shower is exactly the sensation we can enjoy every day when we accept God’s mercy as the living water we bathe in through His Word and fellowship with others. 

Oh, Lord, help me to accept your forgiveness and to let go of the past; to truly leave yesterday with all of my mistakes and failures in Your Hands.  I accept that You have handled my yesterday and I can trust You with today.  Thank you for extending this forgiveness to me.  Give me the strength and courage to extend the same to others. 

Additional Study:  Psalms 78:38, Jer 3:12, I John 1:9, Hebrews 9:14-15

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I just had to clean the hard drive of my computer.  Many files and programs were wiped off—gone forever, never to be retrieved.  This is what the Lord does each time I come with a heart open towards His grace and love.  He challenges me to turn from my past behaviors and change to be a better me. 

The only way I can do that is to load new “programs” and “files” into my internal hard drive—into my heart and mind.  Through reading His Word, prayer, and getting around the association of those walking with Him, I can learn principles that will offer guidance.  But equally, I have to believe that what He teaches me is true.  I have to accept that those past files and programs have been eliminated and I don’t have to return to the behaviors and attitudes that created them. 

The first step to that better me is to acknowledge that I have made mistakes in the past and ask for Him to show me mercy.  His Word says He will.  I have to trust that and accept it. 

Father, I want a fresh start today.  I have made so many mistakes as a woman, mom, and wife.  Help me leave the past in the past.  Please, Lord, show me how to keep from tainting today with the memories, guilt or regrets.  I am a new woman because of Your mercy; help me to reflect that in my attitude and actions today.   Amen.

Additional Study:  II Corinthians 5:17, Hebrews 4:16, I Peter 1:3, I Peter 2:10

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Unmerited favor is the definition of mercy.  I can’t earn it.  I can’t produce it.  Another has to extend it towards me.  I can only receive it.  Another person has made the choice not to inflict harm towards me even though I provoked wrath, anger or warrant retaliation for some action taken or words I said. 

While another person may not voluntarily grant me mercy because my actions or words hurt or offended, the Lord God hears my cry for mercy (Ps 30:8) and will not withhold His mercy from me. 

Romans 9:16 reminds us that we don’t receive God’s mercy by working harder, but that God extends mercy freely in fulfillment of His promises. 

Oh, Lord Jesus, mercy is a concept that is difficult for me.  I have made so many mistakes.  I have hurt my family with my sharp tongue and my impatience.  Thank you for Your promise of mercy.  Give me a heart to receive this free gift. Amen

Additional Study:  Psalms 6:9, Psalms 25:6, Psalms 40:11, Luke 1:50, Eph 2:4

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