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Welcome to day five of our Daily Devotionals springing from the life of Rahab found in Scripture.  Check out this blog post to read more about her.

Rahab certainly would not have felt qualified to rescue her family or to serve the Lord.  But, God does not call the qualified.  When the prophet Samuel was sent to choose the new king, he certainly didn’t expect to find the qualified in a shepherd boy, David.  (I Sam 16:7)  God reminded Samuel he was not to judge by outward appearance or height because the Lord looks at the thoughts and intentions of a person. 

We too must not judge by outward appearance, but extend God’s love to those around us and leave it to the Lord to consider the thoughts and intentions.  When we are obedient, the Lord reminds us that His grace is sufficient—sufficient to redeem and sufficient to sustain us.  When we have His grace, we not only have all we need, but He will do more than we could ever ask or imagine. 

Lord Jesus Christ, recall frequently to my mind today that you care more about my thoughts and intentions than how I look or how busy I am.  Quiet my heart to hear your voice and to walk with You.  Your grace is sufficient to meet my needs and the needs of those I love.  But Lord, it is also sufficient to give me the courage and strength to step out of my comfort zone to offer grace to others.  When I take a step to extend grace to another, I am reminded that is where Your mercy begins.  Lord, sustain me to show the world more of You and less of me today.  Amen. 

Additional Study:  II Corinthians 12:9, Ephesians 3:20, Philippians 4:19,

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God’s Sustaining Grace

Welcome to day four of our Daily Devotionals springing from the life of Rahab found in Scripture.  Check out this blog post to read more about her.

When we are willing to seek God’s restoration, He is generous with His forgiveness and love.  We only have to let go of the past—remember, yesterday ended last night and His mercies are new every morning (Lam 3:22-23).  Rahab lied to the community leaders when they came to search for the spies; she led them to believe the spies had left town (Joshua 2:5).  God does not condone lying (Proverbs 6:17), yet all of us will at times lack the faith to trust Him to see us through and will take a short cut.  Even when we do not trust or have the faith to remain true, we don’t lose His faithfulness because He is never unfaithful (II Tim 2:13).  As a young believer, Rahab didn’t have the intimate relationship with God that provides that confidence  trust.  In fact, she asked the spies for guarantees (Joshua 2:12-13).  The spies didn’t condemn her or challenge her lack of faith.   

Oh, how she must have doubted during the days waiting for their return! Knowing her city was going to be at war and only having the word of two men that her family would be saved, she could only wait.  This is when Rahab learned of God’s sustaining grace and learned to wait in faith. 

Are there moments, days, weeks when you are in that waiting period? Maybe there are times when God seems silent? In those moments, turn to His word, to prayer and turn to the encouragement that comes from fellowship with other believers.  Remember Moses needed men to hold his arms up and we all have those times when we need the sustaining encouragement that comes from others.  But don’t make fellowship with others a substitute for His sustaining grace. 

Oh, Lord God, I need You to sustain me today.  I am tired.  It is busy.  There are too many responsibilities pulling me in different directions.  I surrender all my anxiousness, my worries and my challenges to you.  Fill me with your grace and love and restore the joy and laughter in my life.  Give me boldness to reflect your joy and peace to my family and friends today and to leave all my concerns for today in Your hands.  Amen. 

Additional Study:  Psalm 51:12, Psalm 62: 5-8, Psalm 119:116-117, Jeremiah 15:16

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Welcome to day three of our Daily Devotionals springing from the life of Rahab found in Scripture.  Check out this blog post to read more about her.

Like Rahab, when we are willing to open ourselves to receive God’s gift of love He will not only give us eternal life but will rescue us from our circumstances today.  Oh, there is a consequence for sin and I am confident that Rahab didn’t just suddenly live a wonderful life.  But the scars that sin leaves on our hearts can serve as a reminder of where we were and what God rescued us from. Such was Rahab’s story, recorded by God as an example of His redeeming power.  Redemption means rescue and God rescued Rahab and He is faithful to rescue you and I today when we are willing to seek Him.

Because Rahab remained faithful, God honored her by first saving her family from death when Jericho was captured then with a faith legacy we read about still  today in the “Hall of Faith”, Hebrews 11.  She is one of few women mentioned in the lineage of Jesus Christ. 

What in your life needs rescuing today?  I know there are areas of my life that I need Him to rescue—

Oh, Lord Jesus Christ, I need your redemptive grace today.  I have a relationship that is broken—rescue it please.  I feel as though I am drowning in the financial challenges that have hit our family—rescue us please.  Lord Jesus, I know there are consequences for the mistakes I have made, so I ask for your forgiveness and restoration because of Your redeeming love.  I don’t deserve it and can’t earn it but I ask for your grace today.  Amen.  

Additional Study:  Psalm 31:5, Psalm 44:5, Luke 7:36-49, Galatians 4:5, Titus 2:14

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Welcome to day two of our Daily Devotionals springing from the life of Rahab found in Scripture.  Check out this blog post to read more about her.

Prevenient grace is an uncommon term today, yet so relevant.  It means the grace God extended before I knew Him so that I might even have the opportunity to meet Him as my Savior and Lord.  It is the grace extended while He was searching for me when I didn’t even know He was looking for me.  What love! 

As a parent, especially a mom, we have experienced prevenient grace.  We love our babies in the womb (or at the time we heard the news of an adoption) before we ever met them in person.  When pregnant, it is hard to imagine that we could love our little one more at birth, but we do.  Yet, that doesn’t change the fact that we loved them before holding them in our arms—prevenient grace.  Such should be the love we extend to ourselves, to our family members and to those in our community and world—the love and grace of God that was shown to us and to them before there is a personal relationship with God and Jesus Christ as Lord. 

Lord Jesus Christ, help me extend an invitation today to those who don’t know Your mercy and grace so we might all come to enjoy Your best for each of us. Lord, you are never surprised at where we have been.  Your grace and mercy are always waiting.  Help me be an effective instrument in Your hands to share that message in my actions and words with others today.  Amen.         

Additional Study:  Ephesians 1:4-6, Psalm 139, Psalm 119:73

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Welcome to our first day of Daily Devotionals from the life of Rahab.  For more of her story, go here.

I am just old enough that when I see tattoos, pants hanging on hips, piercings in unusual parts of the face, I cringe.  Then, I remember how the Lord God must want to cringe when He looks at my excessive waistline, my cluttered desk or other areas of my life that exhibit my own rebellious nature or undisciplined life.  Those thoughts always bring me to the mercy He showed me when He met me where I was and loved me freely without demanding I conform to some community accepted standard.  The spies sent to Jericho who witnessed to Rahab might have been very uncomfortable approaching her for assistance—after all, they would have learned quickly what she did as a profession and these were Godly men.  Yet, because they did approach her, she and her whole family were saved.  What if they hadn’t been willing to extend mercy because she was different? 

Singer Steve Green sings a song, Where His Mercy Begins, and I am reminded that I need to extend the same mercy that has so graciously been extended to me toward others.  Meeting needs and offering welcoming love to the homeless, to those ashamed, to those who have made different life choices than I have made means that the Lord might use me to offer His gift of love and salvation. 

Remember a passion for souls that does not come from God comes from a desire to convert people to our point of view…we must first seek a right relationship with Jesus ourselves—be a disciple and then remain true to the call of God—that is to disciple men and women to Jesus. 

Oh, Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for loving me enough to search for me before I was searching for you.  Like Rahab, I was lost and You sent someone to explain Your love and mercy.  Help me be that someone You send to communicate that message of love and mercy to others.  Give me Your eyes of love and Your words of mercy and grace so I reflect You as I go out about today, whether here in my home with my family or out into the world.  Amen. 

Additional Study:  Luke 15:11-32, Ephesians 2:4-8, I Timothy 1:13-16, Titus 3:5

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