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I have a daughter that loves to sing.  One song.  Over and over again.  Same little chorus, same little voice, and by the 23rd time through I am happy when she says she would just like to listen to the radio now.  A welcome change from the exact same thing over and over.   I don’t think God would ever think like that, but He did create us all with different talents. He didn’t want robots singing the same song in the same voice over and over again as the only kind of worship.

God knows what skills, talents and abilities we have.  He is the creator of those abilities.   Exodus 31:3 says this,

“And I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with skill, ability and knowledge in all kinds of crafts.”

God is not expecting us to worship with someone else’s talent.    It took me a while to “get” that concept.  I would watch and listen to the worship team at church lead us in singing on Sunday morning and I would think that I just couldn’t worship like they did, to sing and praise Him publicly.  Then God showed me that the talents He’s given me are mine to worship with.  I need to be able to give God the glory with what I can do.

How can you use “practical” talents to worship?  Easy!  Do it all with the Glory of God in mind.  Do your best just for Him.What are you good at?  What is your talent?  Is it singing?  Is it painting a room?  Is it organization?  Is it child care?  Is it cleaning?  Is it hospitality?  God gave us as women such a vast array of talents.  We can use any one of them to worship God.  Sing to the Lord!  Organize while praising!  Have people over, cook a meal and bake dessert all for the purpose of giving God the praise.  Take your talents and serve at church.  The church needs all sorts of practical talents just to make it run and the added bonus of doing good for the glory of God will make it an awesome worship experience for you AND the others you bless with your talent.


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