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This devotional comes out of one woman’s story entitled “I Have a Dream.” To read her compelling story  go to this link.

Psalm 25:3:  No one whose hope is in you will ever be put to shame…

As we focus our eyes on God, leaning on Him for our source of significance and help, we face times of doubt.  Are we really hearing God’s voice of direction?  Is this really what my priority should be?  In these moments we should meditate on the character of God and find comfort.

God is not a Mighty Being playing cat and mouse with humanity.  He wants us to find true success in Him.  If we are heading in the wrong direction, as a good Father He will lovingly guide us back into the right path.  We can place our hope in Him with complete confidence knowing that as we humbly listen and follow His voice, we will never be put to shame in His eyes.  Does this mean everything will be easy?  No, but as we follow His plan, everything will be right.


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