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According to Webster’s dictionary, to mend means to “free from faults or defects, to improve in manners or morals, to set right, to put into good shape, patch up, repair, to improve or strengthen (as a relationship) by negotiation or conciliation.”  

How do we “set right” or put in good shape a heart?  We have a powerful example of One who heals, restores, sets right and strengthens our hearts even when we don’t deserve it.  Isaiah 57:18 reminds us that even though He sees what we do, He will heal us [mend and restore] us anyway.  Extending grace and healing words to another’s heart is only doing what has been done for each of us.  When I think of mending, I picture repairing a piece of clothing, but the Lord speaks of mending as restoration.  Gal 6:1 urges us to restore another gently.  Restoration means to make strong, firm, steadfast.  Restoration of this type means a willingness to take time to listen to the heart of another, to respond with encouragement and to guide and comfort.  It doesn’t mean enabling or condoning; occasionally, I have a difficult keeping that balance.  Sometimes to mend a heart means to promote improvement of conduct and attitudes by our own example, our words and our prayers. 

Oh, Heavenly Father, I know you have restored my heart and given me this opportunity to partner with You in restoring the heart of another.  Show me how, Lord.  Keep my ear in tune with you so that I offer grace when needed and yet provide the balance of promoting improvements that will bring restoration.  Help me to fill myself with Your Word, so my heart offers healing balm for those who need comfort, and grant me a willing spirit to sustain me as I seek to love others with Your love.

(Additional Study: Psalms 6:3, Psalms 51:12, Psalms 80:3, 7, 19; Psalms 85: 4) 

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